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An assessment of the current state definition of position represents the starting point for a new Business Design (business process optimization):

The HGS Business Design Consulting GmbH offers a Quick Check, which uncovers the barriers to success.


Lasting improvements in marketing, product development, purchasing, production, inventory management, and distribution can be obtained by focusing on what is most important.

The Quick Check (between 2 to 4 weeks) supplies the necessary information from the following categories, in order to determine the need for action and to identify „the neuralgic barriers“ fast:

  1. Customer satisfaction 
  2. Business model and corporate strategy  
  3. Security, environment, cleanliness, order  
  4. Visual management system  
  5. Planning 
  6. Space use, flow of material, product flow  
  7. Work in process - WIP, stock 
  8. Teamwork, motivation 
  9. Maintenance of machines and plants
10. Management of complexity and changes
11. Integration of the processes along the supply chain
12. Quality standards 


The methodology is variable and can be adapted to the specific company’s needs, however, it should apply the business process thinking: "Traditional functional paradigm has done more to impede customer focused, business performance improvement over the past two decades than almost any other factor." – Andrew Spanyi

Executive Workshop works indicatively
Depending on the client's request a workshop with the management (Executive Workshop) is integrated in the Quick Check in order to identify topics like „bottleneck-concentrated strategy“, “red issues “, and technological chances and business opportunities.

Quick Check and Executive Workshop supply the inputs for the following work on the project and determine their extent and duration as well as their key persons and departments. 


1. Business Process Design
2. Organisational Alignment

3. Optimisation of Workflow 

4. Intra Logistics

5. Six Sigma







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